Bubble Quilt

The colorful and three dimensional bubble quilt is fun and easy to create. Add your own name, embroideries or just simply re-use some of your favorite t-shirts that you love and have worn out. As you do not need very big pieces for the bubbles you might have some left over fabric scraps you can use.
Approximate finished size: 29½x53” (75x135cm)

Supplies: Optional accessories:

Cut Out All Pieces
45 fabric squares measuring 6”x6” (15.5x15.5cm) for the top of the bubbles.
45 fabric squares measuring 5”x5” (13x13cm) to the back of the bubbles (won’t be visible once the quilt is done, scrap fabric can be used).
2 strips of fabric measuring approx. 35”x4” (90x10cm) to be embroidered using the endless hoop.
10 strips of fabric measuring 2”x54” (5x140cm)
10 strips of fusible fleece measuring 2”x54” (5x140cm)

Fabric for backing 54”x31” (140x80cm)

On our quilt, we have decorated some of the bubbles with embroideries. Regular embroidery designs are mixed with letters and monograms designed in the included Intro Embroidery PC software.
If the squares to be embroidered are from stretch fabric, press stabilizer (Light & Soft Fuse-On Stabilizer) to the back of the square.
Mark the center of the squares to be embroidered using a fabric marker. Hoop tear-away stabilizer, place the fabric on top with the center mark matching the center of the hoop.

Embroider the Endless border
The short sides of the bubble quilt are decorated with an endless embroidery (design #19).
Take the two 35”x4” (90x10cm) strips and decorate using the optional Endless Hoop II (180x100mm).
Mark the center of the strips with a fabric marker, when hooping, match the center marking with the center markings of the hoop. The design on our bubble quilt requires five of the endless designs on each strip.


When the embroideries are finished, remove excess stabilizer.

Add Batting
Press Fusible Fleece to the back of the two embroidered strips and to the (10) 2” (5cm) wide strips.

Optional - Make Free Motion Stippling
Set your machine for free-motion sewing.
Take the 10 long 2” (5cm) wide strips, and stipple quilt. See your User’s Guide for instructions. If you find it difficult to stipple such narrow strips, make them wider and then trim when done.

Cut the Strips
Cut 4 of the 10, 2” (5cm) wide strips into 40 pcs measuring 5” (13cm).


Create the “Bubbles”
Our quilt consist of 45 bubbles. Each bubble consist of one 6” (15.5cm) square of fabric for the top of the bubble and one 5” (13cm) square from scrap fabric. The bubbles are sewn wrong sides together, see illustrations below.

Once you have sewn all bubbles, fill with batting and sew them closed. If you want the exact same amount of batting in each “bubble”, use a kitchen scale.

Create Bubble rows
Now, the bubbles will be sewn together with the stippled 5” strips. Choose Woven Heavy fabric and Seam technique on your sewing advisor. Place the strip and bubble right sides together and sew using a ¾” (1cm) seam allowance. Continue adding the next bubble.

Sew five rows, each row with 9 bubbles and 8 stippled strips. Press as you go.

Now, sew the “bubble strips” together with the long stippled 5” strips. Place a stippled strip right sides together with a “bubble” row. Sew together.


Continue until all strips and “bubble rows” are mounted. Press as you go.

Each of the short sides are decorated with an embroidered strip. Place the embroidered strips right sides down on the bubble quilt as illustrated and sew together.

Press the seam and trim the embroidered strips to match the edge of the “Bubble Quilt”.

Place the quilt on top of the backing fabric, wrong sides together. Let approximately 1” (3cm) of the backing fabric exceed around the edges of the quilt top.

Use safety pins to pin the layers together.

Snap on the Clear Stitch-in-Ditch Foot (optional accessory). Stitch in the ditch to tie the fabric layers together. Start in the upper center of the quilt and stitch downwards in the ditch between the “bubbles” and the stippled strips. Start in the center and work your way out to each side.

Press and fold the backing fabric twice and fold to the front of the quilt. Snap on the Left Edge Top Stitch Foot. Stitch together to bind your quilt.


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