Time to sew and embroider your own Christmas Calendar!

Posted by Lena Kantis
A week is passing very quickly, I guess that is because I enjoy what I am doing and having fun most of the time in the office. I have been sewing a little, writing a some material, like the F&B for a product, and we have been shooting a video this week. In other words, a mixture of working tasks. I like that a lot.

This week we are sharing a new Holiday sewing project; the free download of the: Holiday Calendar, and the embroidery files: Beige Christmas Stockings, Off-white Christmas Stockings and Brown Christmas Stockings. There are plenty of illustrations in the instruction which will make it easier for you to follow along. Enjoy!
Lotta, one of my colleagues,has been embroidering some of the Christmas Stockings for her own Holiday Calendar.

Here you can see some of the steps when she was sewing.


Here you can see how the embroidery. If you are going to sew these, you will start with embroidering the numbers, then the embroidery has got a second color which is the triple stitch. It is all embroidered in the hoop, read the instruction carefully and you will be able to finish 24 stockings very quickly.


If you do not have an embroidery machine, we have added a PDF file as a template.Print it out, add appliqués instead of embroidered numbers, and sew around the stocking with a regular reinforced straight stitch. 

Finally I wanted to update you on the beautiful quilt Jamie is working on, the Christmas tree. Now he is sewing the free motion stippling stitches around the tree, using wonderful sparkling thread, It will be a fantastic wall hanging. Look forward to see the finished result. Soon, friends, soon!


Hope you will continue with the Happy Magic Holiday sewing! I will for sure! 

Happy Sewing!

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