How to make the Holiday Cutlery Bags!

Posted by Lena Kantis
If you have started creating your own Holiday table setting, here is the last piece for the setting of the table. The little cutlery bag. It is easy, quick and fun to make. Find the PDF instruction here. If you want to add the little flower, that is cut out from the table runner embroidery, you can find it free download here as well. Remember it is a zip file so you need to extract the embroidery first before you can embroider it.

Here you can see the screen captures of the table runner designs and the little part that I did cut out using the 6D Stitch Editor.

See here in a close up picture how the cutlery bags are looking when they are finished. Front and back.

We were a group of colleagues that did try out the Christmas Lace II embroidery designs today. Here you can see some of them with their embroideries, Great fun activity to do together!

Here is some of the final embroideries, I hope we can have them in our Christmas Tree here in the office.

I did cut out a dress for the Christmas Party next Friday. Hope I will be able to finish it in time!

Great! Next week we will continue to sew a few more things for the Holiday! Hope you will come back to find out what we are sewing and embroidering. 

Happy Sewing!

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