Holiday Napkins, Jamie's quilt and a quick present!

Posted by Lena Kantis
This week I will share the instruction how to embroider the napkins for the table setting. Very easy!
Here is the PDF-file.
If you do not have an embroidery software you can still embroider monograms as all of the Husqvarna Viking embroidery machines comes with fonts. You could use those because they are very nice too.

To my big surprise, Jamie came back this week with the finished quilt! Look!


The Christmas Tree quilt, it is a fabulous job that he has put into this. It does for sure look fantastic. He did create some embroidery designs in the 6D embroidery software to add some echoes between embroideries in the borders to keep the layers nicely together.
Here you can see a close up of the echoes.


I have made the first Christmas present, a small towel that I have embroidered on. I wrote Merry Christmas, which is "God Jul", in Swedish and I added a Santa from the Husqvarna Viking Design Collection #95 ,"Special Techniques Christmas". The Santa does have some details in Thread Velvet if you look closely.


I will do a few more of these. It is a fun little present if I will be invited to parties.

Happy Sewing!

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