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Posted by Lena Kantis
Hurray, now I can finally show you all the wonderful sewing projects that I have been involved with a few months ago, actually before the summer holidays! As you can understand we need time to sew them and to take pictures, prepare the web etc. I hope you will find some inspiration when you see them and get some new ideas of what to create for your own Holiday season. Here is the link to the page Create Holiday Magic.

I have decided to sew the table runner for my own home, and as I have a rather long dining table I will have to make my table runner that will be 3 yards long. For each yard there are around four embroideries.

Here you can see that I have started, I will be able to finish four embroideries today.

If you want to join me in sewing this project, here is the Table runner PDF file.

I used the 6D Embroidery software to be able to find out how much thread I need for each embroidery. I wanted to know if my embroidery thread would be enough for the length. For each embroidery combination I need 85meter embroidery thread.

Here is the combination in a close up. I created my combination in the 6D embroidery software as well and made it endless too. 


I did select Robison Anton Rayon 40, color 2252 by the name of "Russet".

You will post more pictures as I continue to sew the table runner, that way you can follow along too if you want!

Happy Sewing!

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