Kids Apron


Sew the little apron with a front pocket for your child or grandchild. It will come in handy when baking/ cooking or painting as it will be great to protect their outfit.

You will need:

Start by printing out the two templates for the apron and cutting them out.
Fold the fabric in half and place the templates with the dashed line at the folded fabric edge and pin. Cut out the apron fabric piece.

Continue by cutting out the pocket piece in the other fabric type. Attach the adjustable bias binder to your machine and adjust the width of your foot to match the width of your bias binding.

Lower part
Start by sewing the bias binding to the lower part of the apron (see image) with a zig zag stitch (width 2, length 3).


Once you have sewn around the bottom part of the apron, cut off what is left of the bias binding.

Upper part
Measure 16" (ca 40cm) of the bias binding and make a mark with a marking pen.

Place the bias binding in the Adjustable Bias Binder and sew until you get to the mark. You have now made the cord for one of the sides.

Place the apron in the Adjustable Bias Binder with the binding and sew around the upper part of the apron. Once you have reached the end of the apron, continue to sew about 16" (ca 40cm) to make the cord on the other side.

Cord for the neck
Cut about 21.5" (55cm) of the bias binding.

Make a cord for the neck by sewing the bias binding together with the Adjustable Bias Binding foot.

Make a mark on the backside of the apron where you want the cord to be placed and sew it to the apron.

Start by sewing the bias binding on the straight upper part of the pocket.

Continue to sew the bias binding around the bottom part of the pocket.

Mark where you want the pocket to be on your apron, and pin it to the apron.

Attach the pocket by sewing around the outer edge using the Non-Stick Glide Foot H.

Your kids’ apron is now done!

Download Template


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