Cutwork Clutch

Posted by Karen Charles

Click to download design files for this project.
Sewing Supplies:

  • B Foot
  • Sensor Q-foot
  • Embroidery Cutwork Needle Kit                          920268096
  • Imperial Hoop 360x260mm
  • INSPIRA® Tear-A-Way stabilizer                          620112496
  • ⅓ yard each of two colors of marine vinyl
  • ⅓ yard quilter’s cotton
  • Magnetic snap closure
  • Robison-Anton 40 wt. rayon embroidery thread in contrasting color
  • Robison-Anton 60 wt. polyester bobbin thread
  • Straight pins
  • Rotary cutter, ruler and mat
  • Scissors


From marine vinyl color 1 (outer bag):
  • One piece 12”L x 17” W
From marine vinyl color 2 (inner bag):
  • One piece 12”L x 17” W
From quilter’s cotton:
  • One piece 12”L x 17” W


  • Hoop Tear-A-Way stabilizer only in the 360x260 hoop. 
  • Load polyseter bobbin in machine, and thread top with rayon embroidery thread.


  1. Open the JoyOS ADVISOR™  JoyOSAdvisor.png 
  1. Select Embroidery.
  2. Under Select Technique, choose Cutwork Embroidery .
  3. Select Cutwork Needles CutworkNeedlesIcon.png
  4. Select design 5 - touch, hold and drag onto the screen. Fig3.png
  5. Minimize the project viewer Minimize.png
  6. Open Hoop Selection and choose 360 x 260 .
  7. Open File Manager filemanager.png
  8. Select Bag Outline.vp3. Touch and hold to load. bagoutline.png
  9. Close File Manager arrow.png
  10. Touch Control Center controlcenter.png to move design to center of hoop.
  11. Open Design Menu. Scroll to Menu A Signature Designs MenuA.png
  12. Scroll down and select Design 14. Design14.png Touch and hold to load it onto the screen.
  13. Drag design to the bottom of the hoop area to coordinates 2.5/-132.9.
  14. Rotate to approximately 40º using the rotate handle.
  15. Open Toolbox toolbox.png
  16. Choose the first flower in the Selection Window Flower1.png
  17. Move to coordinates -72.3/-108.2 
  18. Touch Toolbox to close.
  19. Touch and hold small flower to open Smart Toolboxsmarttoolbox.png
  20. Slide finger over to Duplicate duplicate.png and release pressure.
  21. Move new flower to coordinates 84.7/-106.7 
  22. Open Design Menu 
  23. Category A .
  24. Scroll down and select design 15 Design15.png Touch and hold to load into embroidery area.
  25. Open Design Menu again.
  26. Scroll down and select design 16 Design16.png Touch and hold to load into embroidery area.
  27. Move design 16 to the bottom right to coordinates 58.3/-144.4 
  28. Move design 15 to the bottom left to coordinates -46.7/-149.2 
  29. Open Toolbox 
  30. Select last design in the Selection Window 
  31. Touch Multi-Select Multi-Select.png
  32. Choose second last design in Selection Window 
  33. Touch Stitch Out Design Earlier stitchoutdesign.png four times to move the orange flower designs to the top of the list so they will stitch first.
  34. Choose the Bag Outline in the Selection Window bagoutline1.png
  35. Touch Stitch Out Design Later stitchoutlater.png two times to move the outline design to the bottom of the list so it will stitch out last.
  36. Touch GO to move to Embroidery Stitch Out.
  37. Activate Color Block Sort and Color Block Merge.
  38. Select Baste Around Design
  39. Touch Continue .
  40. Attach hoop to embroidery arm. 
  41. Place marine vinyl color 1 on top of stabilizer with the right side up.
  42. Press Start/Stop to baste vinyl to stabilizer.
  43. Embroider the first two color blocks.
  44. Change to cutwork needles as requested on the screen.
  45. After cutwork needles are finished, remove hoop and remove vinyl pieces that have been cut away.
  46. Place marine vinyl color 2 right side down on a flat surface, layer lining fabric on top with the right side up.
  47. Lay hoop on top and pin in place. Note: Stabilizer should be touching the lining fabric and you should see the right side of the fabric through the holes in the vinyl.
  48. Change the bobbin to one that matches the rayon thread youi are using for embroidery. Stitch last color, the bag outline.
  49. Touch OK in the “Embroidery is finished” pop-up. Remove the hoop.
  50. Touch Return to Embroidery Edit return.png
  51. Remove fabric from hoop. Trim vinyl close to outline design with rotary cutter or scissors.
  52. Open JoyOS ADVISOR 
  53. Touch Sewing .
  54. Select Vinyl.
  55. Touch Start New .
  56. Select reinforced straight stitch A:12 A-12.png
  57. Snap on the H Foot.
  58. Fold clutch in thirds.
  59. Sew side seams, leaving flap free. 
  60. Install magnetic snap closure so that it is hidden in the middle of the center flower.
Congratulations your cutwork clutch is done! Enjoy!
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