A newfound love affair with buttonholes

Posted by The Tall Mama
I bought the Matilda shirt dress pattern by Megan Nielsen as soon as it was released in 2017.  I enthusiastically cut out all the pieces….and then it sat in my sewing room...for months.
At the time I was using a vintage sewing machine, which meant manual buttonholes.  This dress has a lot of buttonholes.  For me, manual buttonholes meant that every button hole was a different size despite my best efforts!  And oh boy, was it a slow process!
Enter the Designer Jade 35 which has made buttonholes fast and stress free.  They are perfect (and FAST!) every single time!  It is like magic to set up the buttonhole foot, press start and watch the machine do its work!
The Designer Jade 35 also sews on buttons.  I must confess, I love hand sewing on buttons as the final slow sewing step of my make so I didn’t utilize that function this time but I’m sure I will in the near future and never look back!
For this version of the Matilda I used a simple woven cotton which was perfect for the structure of the dress.  For my height (183cm) I added 2.5 cm to bodice length and 10 cm to skirt length.  Despite this being a seemingly complex make, due to the number of pattern pieces, the instructions are so comprehensive that it is easy to sew together. 
I am very happy with this pattern and will make it again.  I am even more thrilled with the ease of buttonholes the Designer Jade 35 produces!!
Happy Sewing!
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