Wedding and party outfits for Barbie!

Posted by Lena Kantis

My very first sewing  memory, was when I was sewing by hand for my Barbie doll, I was at my grandmother´s house. and she had  a stash of small fabric scraps, jars full of buttons (that she had collected from old clothing’s that were worn out) and needles. I had a great time creating wonderful outfits. I used a brochure from the toy store for inspiration on how to sew the garment. 
My friend Annika’s mother has been sewing a lot of Barbie outfits. She was very kind to lend them for me so I could share some pictures of the nice outfits.


Lovely dresses and accessories all of them. Small details with buttons and ribbons is very neat.
Patterns for Barbie outfits can be found easily on the internet. I typed in “sewing for Barbie doll” on Pinterest and got a lot of suggestions on what to sew. Maybe you have your own favorits? Please share on our website at User Gallery. We love to see what you are sewing! 

I have some quilts that I am thinking of too! First is sewn by a Swedish artist Mikael Svensson. He told me, when he was in Huskvarna teaching at one time, he had inherited fabrics and used them to get an extra ordinary look of the quilt. I think he did succeed with that.


More quilts will be shared in coming blog posts. 
I am in China this week, and will be sewing, shopping fabric and zippers and much more things. My suitcase will be full when I leave! 
Wish you will enjoy some fun, creative and relaxing time by your favorit sewing machine!

Happy Sewing! 

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