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Last week I had a guest from our French sales company, Mr. Olivier Francois. I was asked to show him all our fantastic 6D embroidery software packages and the TruE embroidery.

This is something I love to do! I have a whole box with sewing samples. A lot of fun from the years I have been working with the embroidery software. If you want to do a quick, fun thing that will take less than an hour to make, here is one thing.
Guess, why I am very good at using this part of the software? We had a manager here in Huskvarna that was very fond of the module Portrait Stitch. When we had an important guest, he always asked me to stitch the portrait of the guest. I was there to take the picture. One hour later I had stitched out the portrait on a t-shirt, sewing the linear Photo Stitch. Fun way of remembering the embroidery machine and the software can do together.
Here you can see the finished result by Mr. Francois.

I took the picture with my cellphone. We added his name using one of the fonts, and he finished the edge using the overlock machine.

Here are some more in monochrome, but in a brownish shade! You can of course sew the embroidery of the portrait in any color. 

If you want to sew in color Photo Stitch embroidery, you can do that if you have the 6D Premier software package. Here is a cat that is very nice. I need to sew the portait of my cat too! 

Until next time, happy sewing!

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