Cover Stitch Bias Binder, I love it!

Posted by Lena Kantis
I never thought it was going to the "sew" easy to use the Cover Stitch Bias binder and the result of using it truly looks professional. I am very addicted right now. 
To sew small garments for children does not require much fabric, I bought a couple of pieces, around half a yard of each, and was able to make two sweaters, to fit the two small boys of 3 and 4 years old. My cousin has got two cute boys and they will get these sweaters next week when their mother will visit me.

On the sleeves I did add a small embroidery a star from the SuperDesigns in the Premier+ embroidery software.


I did also sew a baby garment using a scrap piece.It is not finished yet, but you can see the finished one that my colleague Eva-Britt has been sewing.


Remember to cut the Bias binding 28 mm for the regular thin jersey. If you are using the little thicker ribbing (normally used for cuffs), cut those 30mm.


If you want to have a long strip of bias binding, cut the ribbing like this. Leave 4 inches of the circular tube.
Cut on the diagonal like shown on the picture below. Press and trim slightly. Finished!


Here is the video to show you how to work with the Bias Binder. The Bias Binder fit on the Huskylock s21 and Huskylock s25.

This coming week, I will have a sewing class with some of the R&D people, they are all going to sew the owl, that I did show you last week. 


Happy Sewing!

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