Elephant embroidery!

Posted by Lena Kantis
This wonderful embroidery of the elephant is created in our fabulous TruE embroidery software. To explain the idea a little, it is made using an elephant as a background shape, then it is filled with a lot of words, using the fonts in the TruE embroidery software, there are plenty to choose from and many line types as well.( If you have the 6D embroidery software, you can create an embroidery in the same way with an idea like this.)

The words in the elephant are descriptive like strong, power and loayalty and many more as you can see. 
One word is highlighted in orange, and that font is embroidered with puffy foam. 
Find the free download of the elephant at the https://www.truembroidery.com/gallery
As you can see the one I am working on, is only in two colors. You have so many options when you create your own embroidery in our embroidery software systems. 

Ideas on how to decorate and construct the pillow. 
To add a bit more color I selected to make an orange piping, using the Piping foot with a narrow cord inside.

On the backside of the pillow I added a wide, heavier zipper. Just pin it in place in the center. Stitch it with a straight stitch. You can use the E-Foot or the Narrow Zipper Foot. I used the Narrow Zipper Foot. The edge of the presser foot was lined up with the edge of the zipper. Stitch in place. Remember to have a piece of Inspira Tear-A-way Stabiliser behind your fabric. I used orange sewing thread so you can see it better. That is optional!

Next thing I did was to add a decorative stitch. The B-Foot is great to use for this. The inside of the right toe, should we following the edge of the zipper. The stitch I selected was stitch F.1.7 and mirror imaged it side to side.
Time to cut fabric away behind the zipper.

Tomorrow my pillow will be finished. I will post it later.

Happy sewing!

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