Decorative Stitches

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So often decorative stitches are only used for craft or quilting projects and all those beautiful stitches which are built into our machines are ignored by garment makers.  I know I was guilty of this!
My Designer Jade 35 comes with SO many beautiful stitch options, which you can adjust the size of, that I decided to check them out.  After testing a few (a lot!) of stitches on scrap fabric I could see that they would make a beautiful embellishment to a garment. 
I had already made the Kate Tea Dress by Designer Stitch and knew that the neckline of that design would be perfect to add some decorative stitches to.  For this project, I only made the top (the pattern gives you the option of a dress or separates).  I added my decorative stitches after sewing the shoulder seams so I didn’t have to worry about the pieces matching up.
I did all the decorative stitches on a scrap of fabric first to make sure I liked the balance and placement of the stitches.
To add the decorative stitches I used Superior Embroidery thread, embroidery thread gives a nicer finishes that your regular sewing thread.  I also used tear away stabilizer on the back of my neckline.  The fabric I used is a beautifully soft handwoven fabric from The Delhi Store (I just love handwoven fabric, it’s so special!).  Due to the softness of the fabric it needed some extra stabilizing for the decorative stitches.

The skirt of this outfit is just a self drafted elastic waist skirt with nice big pockets.  I considered adding decorative stitches around the pocket openings but in the end I’m happy I kept it simple and let the neckline be the star of the outfit!
The beauty of adding decorative stitches is that there is no limit to what you can create!  The Designer Jade 35 has so many options I still haven’t tested them all.  I really love how quick and easy it is to add decorative stitches to a garment!
Happy Sewing!

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