Royal Wedding!

Posted by Lena Kantis
Kerstin and I both look forward to see the royal wedding today. It will be broad casted on national tv the whole afternoon. We thought we should dress up and watch it together.  The dress I would wear would be the dress I did sew for the launch of the Designer Diamond. Here are some pictures my daughter has taken of me in my garden.


As you can see there are some details on the back, a small tail and the shoulder straps are crossing. 

It took in total around two days to finish the dress. One day for embroidering, as I did only use one thread color. A suggestion if you want to make your own dress in a similar way, stitch the seams on the front and side, leave the back seam open, print out the embroidery design templates and pin in place. Then use the Design Positioning to add each embroidery in the wanted positions. See the video here on how that works! It is a wonderful help to embroider everything in the right place!

Most patterns I use, I have to add seam allowance myself. In the US several pattern companies have got that included. In order to sew with the correct seam allowance we have a great presser foot: The Clear Seam Guide Foot. Let the foot walk along the edge of your sewing project. Perfect!

Here is a close up of the embroidery design.


If  you want to watch the Royal wedding you can watch it on:
We wish them a long and happy life together! 


Happy Sewing!

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