Summer Sale!

Posted by Lena Kantis
Last Friday at work, I went to town to have lunch with my colleagues. Lucky thing, there was a sale at the fabric store, across the street. Yes, I bought some new fabrics. Here is a picture. I have started to sew one of them already!

If you are lucky to find some pair of jeans, buy now! They can be very nice to decorated with some embroideries!
I have some pictures here for you to see what I have been embroidering. One pair of jeans with Husqvarrna Viking Design Collection #113 Flora, red roses,. I made those on three pair of jeans, one pair for me,one pair for my younger sister Monika and one pair for my friend who had a flower shop. Guess that my friend at the flower shop got a lot of attention when she wore her jeans!.

Second pair I did embroider. This is from a design collection that I like a lot: Husqvarna Viking # 165 "Venetian Embroideries!.

Happy Sewing! 

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