Spot on - animal prints!

Posted by Lena Kantis
Now I am one in the herd. We are all wearing fabrics with prints of leopards or zebras. Kind of fun. Last week I bought a piece of fabric, and I found a pattern that I did like.
New look number: 6022.

I will make another dress using the same pattern, in a bright green polka dot fabric. Why not!

Second dress this week is for my travelling, and it is there for very comfortable. It is made in a knitted wool fabric, and it is my favorit color, turquoise.

I did sew a slip to wear underneath.  All of it is quick, “sew” very quick to make. Pattern is an old Burda pattern, there are many to choose from in similar style, so you will be able to make your own choice. The slip, is made by using the same pattern, only remember to cut out more around the neckline and the armholes in order to make it stay invisible underneath the dress. For the slip, first sew one shoulder seam, and then use the three thread overlock stitch to finish the edge on the neckline as well as on the armhole edges. Finally I used this stitch on the sewing machine. The A Foot is used, and the thread tension is increased to around 8 and I made the stitch length
shorter. Fold the fabric to the backside, I folded the overlock seam and did run the A26 shell edge stitch around the neckline and arm holes from the DESIGNER DIAMOND Royale sewing and embroidery machine.

See how nice it turned out. 

As you can see both Kerstin and I are wearing scarves, I will share how to make those in the next Joy of Sewing blog.

Until next time, happy sewing!

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