Sewing and shopping in China

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Smile, I was going to start to write this blog, and I had Chinese characters selected instead of the western standard fonts. Why- because I study Chinese. I was so happy to be able to do that when I was in China, and now I am continuing.
I am happy I have been invited to learn more about free motion quilting. Internal education for me and several other of our “sewing academy”. Sewing Academy, was the old name for the sewing studio!
Above you can see Lotta, who will be our teacher, preparing a quilt for teaching us. I will get back to show more pictures from the class.
I have cut my green dress.

It is an organza fabric, so I did cut the same pieces of a matching green lining fabric.
I will sew the layers together around the neckline and arm openings, so I think it will be pretty nice. I have not decided if I will have two layers on the sleeves or not.

I did also go to the fabric markets in China. There are two fabric markets that I visited. In Suzhou and in Shanghai. In Shanghai I went to the leather store, Kerstin wanted four pieces of leather to sew a leather jacket in beige. Here you can see some different shades of beige.

Kerstin did choose the second color from the left.

 Until next week, happy sewing!

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