Practice, practice, practice!

Posted by Lena Kantis
Above you can see the beautiful quilt Lotta has decorated with a lot of different free motion fillers!

In order to keep the knowledge and to become better in the free motion quilting, I have decided to practice sewing on one piece every day. Today I have set up a Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond in my and Carina's new office. We share room! The funny thing is that I was sitting in the exact same spot when I started to work in the office.
I can compare learning to sew free motion with learning how to drive the car! I am teaching my daughter to drive and sometimes she is putting in the wrong gear etc. I do the same with the quilting.                                                         
First thing you should always do before you start is to clean the bobbin case area. Guess how I know?
(I did find a broken needle in the bobbin case, and it did cause jump stitches when I started to practice.)

Lotta told us to slow down, I have always thought I should go fairly quickly. The best way is to adjust the speed in the screen, then I still go with full speed.

Here we are practicing!

The presser foot I am using is the Husqvarna Viking Open Toe Stippling Foot, however you have more to choose from, you might have a different preference. The online accessory user´s guide is very helpful both to show the options as well as explaining how to use the presser feet.So many options to decorate quilts with free motion stitches! If you thought the stippling stitches is the only one, it is not. There are more than 350 different ways of sewing free motion! In the sewing studio last week, we did practice on 18 different one´s! Below are some of the samples of the techniques we tried!

Until next time, happy sewing!

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