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One of my favourite things to do with my girls in the school holidays is to make frequent trips to the library.  This year I decided to make them each a special library bag (so I'm not lugging all the books!).  To be honest, I am SO thrilled that I can now do embroidery (monogram EVERYTHING!) with the Designer Jade 35 that I am looking for things to embroider!
The construction of the bag is really simple.  This bag is based on the larger sized picture books my girls like to borrow from the library, but you can size yours to meet your needs!
Light canvas, pins, sewing thread, embroidery thread
Bag Construction:
  • Cut a piece of canvas 90cm x 42cm, fold in half (long sides together) and sew a 1.5cm seam.
  • Finish seams (I simply used the overcast stitch recommended for heavier fabric by the Designer Jade 35).Designer Jade Overlock
  • At the bottom corner, sew a 10cm seam across the corner forming a base for the bag.
  • Trim excess & finish seams.
 Strap Construction:
  • Cut 2 pieces of canvas 54cm x 6cm (this is the perfect length to fit over my girls shoulder, but you can modify to meet your needs).
  • Sew long edges to form a tube, turn to right side and topstitch along each long edge.
Adding straps:
  • Fold over the top (opening) of the bag 2cm, twice.
  • Insert strap under fold at desired position & pin in place so strap hangs down against the body of the bag.
  • Stitch close to folded edge.
  • Lift straps & stitch around top of fold, holding the straps in an upright position.
And you're done!
Because I am SO in love with the embroidery features of the Designer Jade 35 I added a personalized embroidery for each of my daughters.
We had so much fun sitting at the computer together, looking at all the designs and fonts they could choose from (free software that comes with the Designer Jade 35).  You simply save your design to the included USB and then plug it into the machine (SO easy!).
Being girly girls they both wanted heart designs!  They then selected their own thread colours for the embroidery. 
I really love involving my girls in the creative process and it makes them love what I make even more because they have contributed.  I wish I had filmed the excitement of them watching the Designer Jade 35 create their selected embroidery & the shrieks of delight as "their" design came together (seriously, who needs TV?!!)
A little tip for my fellow newbies to machine embroidery: embroider the bag before you sew it together!  You may roll your eyes and give me a big "well duh!"...but hey, I'm just learning!  And having SO much fun in the process!
Happy Sewing!
xox Allison

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