Be my Valentine!

Posted by Lena Kantis
It is Happy New Year celebration in China this week. 2016 it is the year of the Monkey. The monkey is a clever animal. It is usually compared to a smart person. I am visiting my husband and our house keeper has decorated our home with a lot of monkeys and other New Year symbols.

Some small sewing projects for Valentines day is what I have been sewing today.
I started by creating a small embroidery design in the Premier+ Embroidery Software. 
A little text "Be my Valentine". The font is found in the Category Script, and the name of this font is Valentina 12-40mm. I like it very much as it is so very small, my advice is to turn off the automatic cut function when you embroider the text. There are hardly any cuts but it will be nicer on the backside of the fabric if you  cut with your scissors. World is full of options!
The heart is found in the SuperDesign Tab. Hearts 1 number 5, Scalloped border. ( More than 900 SuperDesigns to choose from, not easy!) You can easily make a bigger heart with a bigger text if you have the embroidery software. 

Here is the free download for you! 

I embroidered it on a white quilting fabric that I had in my stash. Only one layer of Tear Away stabilizer in the hoop then added the fabric with the basting function. The purpose was to use the basting stitch to cut out the size of that would become the appliqué of one of the bags. 

For the second embroidery I used a larger piece of fabric. I folded the fabric, right sides together, and stitched around the embroidery to create a heart.Leave an opening of 2" to turn it to the right side. This heart can be added as a heart around a soft toy or you can add use it as a keyring. Only add the key ring when you have sewn your heart.


Finishing the bags.

Add your appliqué. I used the satin stitch 4mm wide, with 0.4mm density.The embroidered heart (or the heart you have cut of from any other of your small scraps. I cut the heart appliqué  by free hand.)

Sewing the bags were very easy. I cut a piece of fabric in the size 9"x12" (23cm x 30cm). Fold the top edge by using the iron to press it 2 " towards the wrong side.( If you fabric is fraying, use a zig zag or an overlock stitch on the edge before starting to sew.) 
Sew the top edge with a straight stitch from the right side of the bag. Fold the fabric right sides together, sew the side seam and the bottom. Pin a piece of ribbon on the side seam as shown on my picture before sewing. Turn inside out and press.

Fill the bag with your surprise, what ever your darling will love? Maybe chocolate, a small message?

Happy Sewing! and I wish you a Happy Valentine´s day to all of you!

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