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Posted by Lena Kantis
I am sure this is the biggest new sewing- and embroidery machine ever, not only in size, but when it comes to fantastic features. 

This week we are sharing the first sneak-a peek video with you "The New DESIGNER EPIC- a First of It´s Kind".
You can see a little on what will come! It is very difficult for me to say that any specific feature is my most favorite one. There are many favorite features, as you will see when we show more of them.

Below is one of the beautiful sewing projects a fantastic blue cocktail dress. 

Let me tell you, we have had a great time coming up with and preparing all the wonderful new feature. Testing it out has of course, taken many, many hours of creative work. I will take some time through the coming weeks to go around in the office to give you input on this and you will see the faces of the people who have developed different parts of the Designer Epic. Here is a group of our staff from the USA and Canada, when they were here to test sew a few months ago. Happy faces!!

I know it will be a little difficult to wait, until the launch in October! Anyhow to wait for something fabulous is not that bad! I know it will make my sewing and your sewing the most joyful ever! 

Happy Sewing!

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Marilyn buttsworth
looks fantastic cannot wait
08-08-2015 05:08:55

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