Quilting Flowers!

Posted by Lena Kantis
A sewing class in the Huskvarna office. 


It was fantastic to see how everybody was creating unique pieces of quilt art, the colors and combinations were making all the small quilts looking fabulous in there own ways. See some of my colleagues below sewing, a quilt with techniques that are a bit out of the box.


Sewing projects I have seen this week being sewn by Kerstin for different purposes. The dress for a girl. We used it in the Christmas Holiday video, last year. The little purse using the Husqvarna Viking Design Collection, Pretty Purses in the Hoop # 171, a project she is going to use for keeping her small things organized.


Here are some of the purses from the collection.


Here is my new sewing project! A dress! Now in my favorit color and the embroidery is from the Mega Endless Embroidery Hoop. Of course I have played with the design in the 6D embroidery software as well. Having a fun time!

Here is my new sewing project! My color blue!


The skirt, will have embroideries all along the edge, using the design from the hoop. I will continue to sew tonight.

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