A Basket for Your Thoughts

Posted by Karen Charles
Create your own prayer or inspiration bowl embroidered with your favorite phrase to help you remember the simple things in life. Collect your prayers or inspirations and read one a day to remember your blessings and the people you care about. A perfect gift to let others know you are thinking about them.

Sewing Supplies:

• HUSQVARNA VIKING® Button Foot with Placement Tool 412934545

• INSPIRA® Embroidery Needle, size 90 620099496

• INSPIRA® Tear A Way 20” x 10 yards 620112396

• INSPIRA® Fusible Fleece 320003996

• 1/2 yard fabric, Fabric A, Solid or Tone on Tone

• 1/2 yard fabric, Fabric B, contrasting Print.

• 4 – 1/2” buttons

• Fabric marking pen

• RA Rayon Thread and RA Sewing thread to match fabric

• 24” x 6” ruler, 16” square ruler- optional but helpful

• Rotary cutter, Self-healing cutting mat

• Iron, ironing surface

• Straight pins

• Sewing machine or serger


Fabric A – 16” square

Fabric B – 16” square

INSPIRA® Fusible Fleece – 16” square

Cut Tear A Way stabilizer to fit 120 x 120 hoop.


Lay fusible fleece on ironing surface, fusible side face up. Lay Fabric A on top of fusible fleece, right side up. Iron to fuse fleece to fabric. Hoop tear away stabilizer, batting and solid color fabric A right side up, with the center of the fabric centered in the hoop.


1. Embroider your favorite phrase or one of the phrases provided in the center of the solid fabric.

Click here to download phrase design files.

2. Tear away stabilizer.

3. Turn fabric, batting to the wrong side and press.


1. To sew the front and back together use a sewing machine. The instructions are given for the sewing machine. If you want a more decorative look to the edge, serge edge with a 3 thread stitch and heavier decorative thread in the loopers.

2. Choose Woven Medium from the fabric in the Sewing Advisor/JoyOS ADVISOR™ for the best stitch settings for this project.

3. Use stitch A:2.

4. Place the A foot on your machine. If you have the Designer Epic 2, engage IDF (built in walking foot.)

5. Lay batting face down on the table and the solid fabric right side up. Lay the
print fabric B right side down on top.

6. Pin or use clips to keep fabric together. Start sewing on the middle of one side. Do not
 leave the opening on a corner. Usually it is easier to sew from the fusible fleece side.

7. Set the needle in the down position.

8. Stitch around all 4 sides, stopping 3” from where you started.

9. Trim fabric from corners.

10. Flip fabric right side out through the hole.

11. Press flat.

12. Put on the D foot (blind hem foot).

13. Move needle position to the left, 3.0.

TIP: A blind hem foot comes with most sewing machines. To see more projects and learn

more about when you can use a blind hem foot, watch this quick video. https://youtu.be/4yJ7lWl-h6k

14. Starting about 2” above the opening, lay the fabric sandwich under the left side of the D foot, butting the right side of the fabric up against the right side of the foot.

15. Stitch forward until you get to the opening.

16. To close the opening make sure the top and bottom fabric are lined up and touching the edge of the foot.

17. Place your finger close to the edge in front of the foot so the fabric does not move away from the right side and stitch the edge closed.

18. Continue top stitching the edge of the fabric sandwich, stopping and pivoting when you get to a corner.

19. Quilt the square using your favorite technique.

20. Fold the fabric sandwich in half with the solid fabric inside and the print face out.

21. With a wash away marking pen, measure 3” up from the fold and mark.

22. Measure from the sewn edge along the fold and mark 1” from the left and right edges. Draw a line from point to point.

23. Fold the fabric in half the other way. Repeat, marking and drawing the same two lines on this side. Pin along marked line.

TIP: To make a steeper bowl, instead of using the 3”, 1” marks, sew from the fold up to the 3” mark near the stitched edge. Make a few bowls and experiment with how the bowls change when you adjust the dart.

24. Sew along marked lines, reversing and locking the stitch when you start and stop.

25. Flip the bowl right side out.

26. Using the free arm of your machine, sew the buttons in place on the flaps with the Button Foot, use the placement tool to place the buttons in place

Congratulations, you have finished your prayer bowl!

Video Instructions:
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