Quilts and quilt labels!

Posted by Lena Kantis
Eva-Britt has now finished most of the work on the quilt she is sewing for Hugo, her son. Only two more things need to done, the binding and the quilt label. We have discussed what it should contain, you might have some input on that? I know for sure it is of value to add the year when it is finished, by whom and to whom.

Here is a sample of a nice quilt label.

I was part of making the sewing samples for the Quilt Design Creator Software for instance the pieces shown in the teaser picture. The software is developed in London, and that was also the location for making some videos for the Quilt Design Creator learning center. Here is the video that will explain how you can create your own labels. It is great fun to see them and I felt so fortunate to be part of this. Sue Hausmann our Sewing Star and Janie Lantz, software educator are the presenters in the video. Great friends and making these videos is a fun memory!

Husqvarna Viking has been sponsoring quilt competitions in the past and we have bought some of the quilts to keep. As for instance this stunning quilt made by Laura Wasilowski, IL USA. It is called "Three Sisters Picnic". Made for the quilt competition 2003, that was called "Masterpieces".
It is now hanging in one of our conference rooms.

Below is one little quilt in shades of red called "the Black Hole" from the exhibition Masterpieces 2001.
Size is 20"x20". It is created by Diane Firth, from Australia. Fantastic piece of art.

This weekend I will probably sew a little. I try to relax a bit by my sewing machine. I have plans to sew a dress, I have bought some fabrics, and the model I like to sew is the one made for our anniversary model Husqvarna Viking Eden Rose. We have this dress on display as well, I like it a lot. Nice print of roses! My dress will be in linen, with some decorations as the ribbons on the rose dress. I will use the Braiding Foot.

If you have anysuggestions on what shoulld be included on a quilt label, please send your comments.

Happy Sewing! 

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