Sew Fun with Decorative Stitches!

Posted by Lena Kantis

Why not use some of the beautiful decorative stitches that are in your sewing machine! Here are lot of samples for you to start to think of where to add your personal favorit stitches. I think we use the decorative stitches maybe not as much as we should. They are great as it will add color and style.

Here you can see how this white leather jacket has been decorated with stitches. Both the belt as well as the part on the sleeves are decorated. Remember to use the Non Stick Glide Foot H for better feeding on leather. An Inspira leather needle will be great to use too.

Twin needle effect of the decorative stitches is fun too. See how Kerstin did add the twin needle when she created the bag for the Eden Rose sewing machine bag. Do not forget to set the Twin Needle Safety, when you use the twin needle. A great feature that will prevent the needle from breaking.
Inspira Twin needles are available in different packages and sizes.

On the bag, you can also see a label created by programming several stitches and then stitch them out.

Mirror image the stitches, see how that will look on this little dress. If you stitch several rows of stitches, you might find the Multi-line Decorative Foot very useful too. 

Finish the edge with a reinforced zig zag, the interfacing is turned to the right side and stitch in place with a stitch. Clever way to finish the coat. The embroidery design collection is #243, Handlook Needle Work.


In the user gallery I found this lovely Sheep towel, thank you for sharing From A. Kuhn, Germany

Happy sewing week!

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