A trip to the USA for Brahe Basket girls team!

Posted by Lena Kantis
The Brahe basketball team and their leaders, in total 17 people all brought a backpacker for the trip. On all of the backpackers Eva-Bitt embroidered the name of the basketball team as well as the owner of each bag.

The embroidery had to be done after ripping out some seams on the backpacker. She did use the metal hoop, the Inspira light and tacky stabilizer and an  extra layer of tear-a-way stabiliser underneath the hoop and finally the Inspira Titanium Embroidery Needle was the best choice for the materials. 

The Swedish flags were sewn as reverse appliqué. That does mean there is a layer of fabric behind to keep it more sturdy and to make it easy to apply the flag where ever wanted. The team decided to add them on the sleeve or their jackets. 

The flags are from the Husqvarna Viking design collection #4, so it is one of the very first embroidery design collections we had in the assortment. Made in Sweden!  Here you can see some of the designs. Fun thing is that it is still available to order on myembroideries.com

If you look closely on the design card you can see that I have adjusted the embroidery. I added a satin applique stitch around the edge of the flag to make it more secure. That was done in the 6D Design Creator which is available in the 6D Premier package among a lot of other fantastic modules. 

If you want to stitch out the flag and want to stitch it as a reverse appliqué, you need to add a piece of fabric before sewing the last blue color #3. First it will add a straight stitch then you can use the thread cut, take out the hoop form the emrbroidery machine, to cut with a scissor around the fabric. Sew the rest and you will have a fantastic Swedish flag to apply where ever you want it! 

This weekend I will sew and I will be back next week to share!
Happy sewing!

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