INSPIRA® Dissolve-A-Way Stabilizer

INSPIRA® Dissolve-A-Way is a medium-weight water dissolvable film for topping or for stabilizer-only hoop embroidery (lace, cutwork, badges, and appliqués). INSPIRA® Dissolve-A-Way used as topper keeps the nap of fabrics from peeking through embroidery stitches and adding a flatter surface for stitches or embroidery.
t’s a must for terry cloth, velvets, corduroy, pile, fleece and any napped material. Improves embroidery applications on uneven surface such as Pique knits, course weave fabrics, “bumpy” fabrics or textures such as ribbons, yarns, thick threads or woven fabric strips.
Sizes available:
Dissolve-A-Way, 12” x 25 yards (620113696) 
Dissolve-A-Way, 8” x 25 yards (620113596)

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