Rainbow Lampshade

Remake an old boring lampshade by sewing a colorful cover. It is sure to brighten up your kitchen (or any other room). Use strips fabric to match your color scheme and create a one of a kind lampshade.

What You Need:

Measure your lampshade thoroughly. You need the height and length (circumference) of your lampshade. We used a lampshade with a diameter of 12½“(32cm), making the circumference 39½” (100cm). The height of the lampshade was 9½” (24cm).

Cut and Sew the Color Blocks
1. Our lampshade consist of two equally designed color blocks (made as one block and cut in half) and three white blocks (see illustration below).

Make the fabric strips twice the height of the lampshade and add 4” (10cm) for seam allowances (for our lampshade, the length of the strips was 23” (58cm).

2. We have varied the width of our strips from 1¼”-2” (3-5cm) (see illustration below). Seam allowance is not added in the measurements for the width of the strips, we recommend using a ¼” (6mm) seam allowance).

3. Refer to the Sewing Guide in the lid of your JADE™ 20 sewing machine. Set your machine for a straight stitch on woven medium fabric. Place the fabric strips right sides together and sew using a ¼” (6mm) seam allowance (follow the marking on the bobbin cover). Press the seams open as you go.

4. Once you have sewn the strips together, measure and cut the section in two equal size pieces. Each of the two sections should measure approximately 13¾”x11½” (29x35cm). 

Assemble the “Outside” of the Lampshade
5. To complete the outside of the lampshade, three sections in neutral color is added to the colored pieces. The width of your neutral sections depend on the circumference of your lampshade.

The total width should correspond to the circumference of the lampshade, in this case 39½” (100cm) + approximately 1¼” (3cm) (to be able to overlap and fasten the new lampshade)

For our lampshade the center piece measured 7¾” (19,5cm) and the two side pieces measured 4” (10cm)

6. Place the pieces right sides together and sew using a ¼” (6mm) seam allowance. Press the seams to the darkest colored fabric. The finished piece should measure approximately 41½” (29x105cm).

Finish the Lampshade
7. Cut a fabric piece for the inside of the lampshade the same size as the height and width of your finished lampshade. For our lampshade the fabric should measure 9½”x40½” (24x103cm). Cut an equally large piece of heavy iron on stabilizer.

Press the stabilizer to the lining fabric.

8. Place the “outside” fabric piece right side down, place the lining piece centered on top, right side up. Fold and press the short sides of the outer fabric to the lining piece.

9. Fold the “outside” fabric twice and fold over the lining piece. Use textile glue to glue the folds to the lining fabric (or stitch in place if you want visible seams on the outside of your lampshade).

10. When the glue is dry, stitch Velcro to each short side of the lampshade.

Mount your new lampshade cover to your frame.


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