Flags for a Happy Birthday!

Posted by Lena Kantis
Have you seen the quilt for the Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby Royale? It has got flags on the front of the quilt that is sewn on to a string then attached on buttons. Let me share how you can make your own. Here is how I did create them.

The flag itself is created in the Design Creator in the 6D embroidery system. There are shapes to choose from that you can turn into embroidery very easily. I created them as applique´s. The size of the flags are 7cm ( slightly wider than 2") on the width, not so big in order to be able to fit on the quilt.

For the new Happy Birthday flags I have been sewing today, the size is 15cm (6") on the width. Which is much larger than the flags for the quilt. Great that it is possible to set the size for the size you prefer.

This is how it does look in the 6D Design Creator when I am working on the flag.

Here you can download the flag. Add your own favorit letters from your embroidery machine of from the 6D Embroidery system. Make it you! 

On the pink flag there is a dinosaur from the SuperDesigns. Perfect for a boy that will become 3 years old soon. There are so much to choose from in the SuperDesigns. 


Here you can see another close up of the flags.

In our User Gallery I found another fun and creative row of flags. Thanks for sharing Brenda! Please share more with us, we are curious to know what you are sewing!

Happy sewing week!

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