Blending Colors. Weaving Memories.

Sewing together is a true joy! You can share tips and ideas on how to get the most out of your sewing. As a bonus, you learn new techniques and how to use optional accessories you didn’t even know you needed!

The Anderson Family Quilt

The Anderson family quilt is an explosion of colors and patterns reflecting the relationship and personality of the women behind the creation. With a lot of love and many hours of sewing the quilt emerged from squares, triangles and long fabric strips. To make it a memorable family heirloom, a large monogram in the shape of an A is stitched as an appliqué in the center of the quilt. The appliqué is enhanced even more by the free-motion stippling surrounding it.

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Insulating Cup Holders

These cup holders really serve their purpose as they are both insulating and decorative! Make your own set of cup holders that reflects your personality. Decorate with buttons, ribbons, decorative stitches and letters. Tag them with your name or initials. Optional accessories make your sewing easier and expand your imagination at the same time.

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Quilted Table Runners

Mix and match colorful fabrics and different quilting techniques to create a table setting that is really stunning. Hexagon and crazy patches share the setting with split rail crazy patch quilting. Even if different techniques are used, the fabrics and colors tie them together into an amazing interior decoration. There is nothing like table runners with a quilted look!

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3D Flower Pillow

Inspired by the beautiful Daisy flower this pillow was created to give a three dimensional feeling. The optional Circular Attachment was used to stitch the perfect circles creating the flower petals. Keeping the backside of each circle the same color, and the buttons dressed in orange enhances the feeling of a flower.

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Free-Motion Pebbling Pillow

A traditional patchwork technique is the base for this pillow. Free-motion quilting, hand look quilting and straight stitches were combined to create a more exciting look. Free-motion quilting not only keeps the top, batting and backing together, but it also adds texture and interest to your quilt. A piping is surrounding the pillow adding that extra professional look.

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Crazy Patch Pillow

Crazy patchwork is a fun and quick way to do patchwork. Since the fabric pieces can have different sizes, colors and shapes, you can easily create uniqe, one-of-a-kind artworks from fabric scraps and leftovers. Either combine the fabrics without any specific pattern or mix shades from dark to light. Take whatever fabric you can find and go crazy!

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“Super Star Tee”

With golden faux leather and the optional Circular Attachment, you can give your garment some extra shine in no time. Cut out a star and stitch it to the shirt with several circles in a contrasting color.

Wheter you sew your own shirt using your favorite pattern or choose a ready-to-wear garment, the Circular Attachment is the perfect tool for embellishment and decorations. Circles, borders, flowers, petals even animals can be done with this cool accessory.

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