Cutwork Belt


Create and embroider your own fashionable belt with the INSPIRA® Cutwork needles and cutwork embroidery designs. To use it is very easy, the HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER JADE™ 35 will show you on the graphic display everything you need to know about what needle to use and when. The Cutwork Belt will make you shine like a star!

1. Use double faced interfacing to iron two layers of leather/ fake leather together, wrong side to wrong side.
2. Measure your waistline. Calculate how many embroidery designs you need for the length. Leave about 3” (7.5cm) inches without embroideries where the buckle is going to be positioned. Leave at least 4” (10cm) on the other end to be able to punch holes to adjust the length when you close the belt.
3. Load and embroider as many cutwork designs as you need. We used design #8 from the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Design Collection #239, “Cutwork Technique II"

Backside of the belt
4. Sew the cutwork embroideries together with a straight stitch in the center lengthwise to create a long row of cutwork embroideries.
5. Cut the long strip for the belt. If you measure the inside the buckle where the belt is going to be place x 2. (If you buckle is 1 ½”inside, then cut it 3# wide) (3cm cut 6cm).
6. Fold the leather, Use textile glue to ¼ of the width toward the center on both sides.

7. Add the cutwork embroidery behind the long leather strip and sew with a straight stitch, using the optional white Non-stick glide Foot H (#412796145) ¼” (2mm) from the edge.
8. Sew the buckle in place.
9. Punch holes on the opposite end.


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