Holiday Table Runner

Imagine setting the table with this beautiful table runner at the center! A traditional embroidery design that never goes out of style or loses its loveliness.

The embroidery design is built into the DESIGNER DIAMOND Royale™ sewing and embroidery machine. We made our table runner fairly long, the finished size is: 94.5” x 16” (240x40cm), but it is easy to adapt the size to your own table. The embroidery designs on center of the table runner is a combination of two built in embroideries. Combine them in the embroidery mode, save the new embroidery combination and then use the design positioning to continue your embroidery on the center and on the full length of your table runner.

Sew the them around the table runner when the embroideries are finished with an Heirloom stitch and a wing needle, stitch D1:7. Add two rows of decorative stitches along the length of the table runner. Snap on the Candle wicking foot and a regular needle, sew a row of candle wicking stitches X1:10 10mm from the heirloom stitch on the long side of the table runner with a piece of stabiliser underneath the fabric. Change back to the Wing needle and snap on the B presser foot and sew a row of stitch D1:11, 15mm from the candle wicking stitch.

This will be the center piece for the table setting for years to come!


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