Have you ever faced a situation where you need to ultimately sew through thick and thin fabrics? With the HUSQVARNA® VIKING® EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM™, pleats or jean hems are sewn without any hesitation.

Supported machines have a built-in sensor that automatically measures the fabric thickness at every stitch. The height of the presser foot is adjusted so that the pressure is always ideal for the current fabric thickness, resulting in perfect fabric feed.
There’s an extra lift position for maximum space to slide thick fabrics or several layers of fabric under the foot easily. Presser feet for free-motion sewing in combination with the EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM™ makes this every quilters’ dream.  The presser foot automatically lowers and raises with the tap of the foot control or the touch of a button by activating the needle-stop-down feature, the machine will then raise the presser foot for instant pivoting when you stop sewing. It’s perfect for making adjustments while sewing.
Once you have sewn with the amazing EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM™, you’ll never go back to traditional ways.
The EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM™ is available on the following machines:
  • DESIGNER EPIC™ 2, DESIGNER SAPPHIRE™ 85, DESIGNER TOPAZ™ 50, and DESIGNER TOPAZ™ 40 sewing & embroidery machines
  • EPIC™ 95Q, SAPPHIRE™ 930, and OPAL™ 690Q sewing machines
If you're interested in trying out the EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM™  or one of our machines, contact your authorized HUSQVARNA® VIKING® retailer. Click the link below to find a store near you.  

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