Holiday Gift Box - Embroidery Project

Posted by Karen Charles

This wonderful embroidered gift box makes a perfect littleplace setting or gift box when you add someone’s name and big enough for smaller presents like earrings, earbuds or even a gift card. Change the colors to blue and silver for a great Chanukah gift box or use in all kinds of creative ways.

Click here to download the embroidery designs for this project.

Supply List

Optional 260 x 260 hoop for larger box or 200mm x 200mm hoop for smaller box
Inspira Stick N Fuse 11 or Steam A Seam 11
Fabric A ⅓ yard fabric
Fabric B ⅓ yard solid fabric to coordinate with fabric A
½ yard - ⅛” – ¼” ribbon
40 wt. rayon embroidery thread close to one of the fabric colors top and in the bobbin
Rotary cutter, cutting mat and rule
Embroidery design - the larger box design fits the 260mm (10”) wide hoop, the smaller
design can be used with a 200m (8”) wide hoop


Large box design – (Small Box)
Fabric A Tone on tone
1 - 10” Square (8 ½” square)
Fabric B Tone on tone or print
1 - 10” Square (8 ½” square)

● Fuse Inspira Stick N Fuse 11or Steam A Seam 11 to the wrong side of Fabric A. Take the paper off when cool. Fuse the wrong side of Fabric B to the wrong side of fabric A where the Stick N Fuse 11 was adhered. The right side of Fabric A and Fabric B will be face out.

● Thread machine with 40 weight rayon thread in the top and bobbin.

● Hoop Aqua Magic in the hoop


● Load the design.
● Move to Embroidery Stitch Out.
● Embroider the first color.
● When your machine stops, cut the fabric close to the outside stitched line. The only place it is important to cut close is where the satin stitch will cover the raw edge.
● Stitch Color number 2.
● Unhoop.
● Wash away the Aqua Magic Stabilizer.


● When dry, sew the 4 sides together on the stitched line, right sides together.
● Sew a piece of ribbon outside the base of one leaf.
● Flip the box right sides out.
● Add your candy, chocolates or gift of your choice.
● Gather the 4 leaves together and tie a bow with the ribbon.
● Arrange the leaves so they sit flat. If you need to turn the box upside down to encourage the leaves to relax and sit flat.

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