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Hello sewists! My name is Meg Healy and I’m the Content Producer for Sew Daily and one of the hosts of the Sew & Tell podcast. I have something really exciting to share with the HUSQVARNA® VIKING® community, Style Revive is now free to watch and with my machines by my side I turn the old into new again in this fun new series…

A large part of my job is traveling to film new sewing content and videos, so due to stay at home measures this year I developed and filmed a new web series called Style Revive where I uncover what my home studio has to offer. I apply special sewing techniques to upcycle existing resources in my home studio to make fun new projects each episode, including embroidery, pattern hacking, fabric stash busting and wardrobe hunting to sew more sustainably. Just think, you can dig into your closet and rework what you already have to create a fashionable new piece without ever leaving your house!

Since my husband was at home as well, he was my cameraman and sometimes even involved in the episodes. It was such a lovely experience to really dig into what I already had and work with my family and pet rabbit to bring this sustainable sewing series to life. 
In the first season I cover projects like transforming an old bridesmaid dress into a romper, jeans into a wrap skirt and wall hangers, stash busting robes, and covering up rips and stains. Here are some of my favorite transformations…

I always accumulate so many jeans, and family and friends are always giving them to me instead of discarding because there are so many different things you can do with denim! A simple hack is to turn jeans into a skirt, but have you tried a wrap skirt? So fashion-forward and size adaptable. In the denim episode, I also cover utilizing the pockets into an organizational tool that looks super cute too. This episode is available to watch for free here

Being a clumsy person, I’m always spilling and accidentally ripping my clothes. But it’s so sad to just discard something because it is damaged, there is always a fix! In this episode, I cover three different ways to “embrace” the rips and stains in your garments but using fabric paint, making more rips, and covering with embroidery.

Here I’m using my DESIGNER BRILLIANCE™ 80 sewing & embroidery machine to embroider over a rip in my jacket, and I definitely think I like it even better now!

I’m so happy I was only a bridesmaid once so far, so that means I only have one bridesmaid dress. But you don’t want to wear it again as is, so I decided to hack it into a fun and ruffle romper that you’d never know was a bridesmaid dress.

The launch of season 2 is on Friday, November 13th, 2020, and I wanted to switch it up a little bit so I headed on over to the thrift store! Thrift stores are a fabulous way to not shop new for fabric and garments – and it’s so much fun. 

Each episode I do one “thrift flip” and I cover every area of the thrift including home décor where I turn pillowcases into face masks, blankets into coats and of course crazy garments found into something new and fashionable. 

Get thrifty and sew sustainable by watching Style Revive with HUSQVARNA® VIKING®.

Happy Sewing!
Meg Healy

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