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Create your own unique phone case to protect your cell phone. The HUSQVARNA® VIKING® DESIGNER EPIC™ sewing and embroidery machine is a great resource for creative ideas. This phone case was adapted from an embroidered phone case in the Knowledge Center. This phone case is sewn, without embroidery for a different twist on the original.

For best results measure the width of your phone and add an inch to the width of the fabric cut. The cutting instructions are for a regular size phone, the cutting instructions in brackets are for a larger phone.

Sewing Supplies:

 HUSQVARNA® VIKING® DESIGNER EPIC™ sewing and embroidery machine

 Utility Foot A

 Decorative Stitch Foot B

 Non-Stick Glide Foot H

 Side-Motion Foot S

 Open Toe foot 412800945

 Button Foot with Placement Tool 412934545

 INSPIRA™ Embroidery needle, size 90 620099496

 ¼ yard vinyl or faux leather

 ¼ yard wool felt or a good quality polyester felt

 Scrap of fabric and tear away stabilizer to test stitches

 Robison Anton® 40wt rayon thread to match vinyl and felt

 3 – ¼” to ½” buttons

 20” – ¼” wide ribbon to match felt

 Glue Stick

 Fabric marking pen

 Blue Painter’s Tape

 24” x 6” ruler, rotary cutter and mat

Cutting Instructions:

1 – 3¾” x 15” (4½” x 17”) Vinyl

3 – Vinyl flowers: template is on the last page of instructions

1 – 3¾” x 15” (4½” x 17”) Wool felt


Lay the vinyl and felt on top of each other, wrong sides together. Use a small plate, large glass, or a roll of ribbon to cut a curve on one end.


1. On the JoyOS ADVISOR™ choose Woven Medium from the fabric selection. Then Select Technique, Basic Sewing Technique, Seam.

2. On the wool felt measure 3” from the top and center the ribbon side to side. Sew the ribbon in place. Lay a small square of felt on top and stitch in place to cover the ribbon end and to reinforce it.

3. Cut a ¼” slit in the center horizontally 9” from the top, 12” from the top and 13” from the top. Weave the ribbon through to keep it in place. The ribbon should hang out the bottom underneath the felt.

4. You can experiment with programming stitches to add interest to the back of the phone case or use the programmed stitches in the next few steps. It is a good idea to test sew your program stitches on a square of stabilizer and fabric.

5. Open Program.

6. Select the K Menu, Omnimotion Stitches, Stitch K:12.

7. Mirror End to End.

8. Select K:9.

9. Mirror End to End.

10. Touch the Thread Cut Command.

11. On the JoyOS ADVISOR™ change the fabric selection to Vinyl. Attach the Side-Motion Foot S attach the Self-Adhesive Glide Plates if necessary.

12. On the vinyl draw a horizontal line 5½” from the straight end. Start the stitching from that line down toward the curved end. Stitch one repeat of your programmed flower.

13. Create a second stitch pattern. Open Program. Select the L Menu, Dimensional Stitches, Stitch L:63. Select the K Menu, Omnimotion Stitches, Stitch K:11. Touch the Thread Cut Command. Note: It is not appropriate to mirror image sequin or appliqué stitches end to end because of the programmed in stop. The stitch pattern is Actual Size on the screen. You can test stitch it to verify how it will stitch out. Stitch one repeat of this programmed flower.

14. Select the L Menu, Dimensional Stitches, Stitch L:1. Stitch one repeat of this flower.

15. Color in flowers and leaves with fabric markers if desired.

16. Attach the Decorative Stitch Foot B.

17. Sew stitch B:13 horizontally over the bottom of the flower’s stems.

18. Put the felt and vinyl wrong sides together. Use a glue stick to hold together.

19. Attach the Non-Stick Glide Foot H. Start sewing just after the ribbon that is coming out of the curved top. Sew around all sides and stop before the ribbon where you started. The ribbon needs to pull in and out without being obstructed.

20. Attach the Button Foot.

21. Select A Menu, Utility Stitches, Stitch A:58 (Automatic Button Sewing stitch)

22. On the vinyl side, center the first flower 3” from the straight edge. Adjust as needed for your personal phone. Sew a few button stitches to hold the flower in place, without a button. Use the selective thread cutter to cut the top and bottom thread.

23. Put a button in place on the foot using the placement tool. Manually check that the width of the stitch is correct. If necessary, adjust the width.

24. Increase the stitch repeats from 8 to 16.

25. Sew the button in place.

26. Fold the straight edge up and place your phone inside. Bring the curved flap down to confirm the phone fits well. Now you can decide where the remaining flowers should be placed. Take the phone out and hold the folded vinyl in place with blue painter’s tape.

27. Sew the remaining two flowers in place on the curved end, being careful not to catch the center ribbon in your stitching. The ribbon needs to pull in and out with ease, this is so when your phone is in the case, you can pull it out with the ribbon.

28. Attach the Non-Stick Glide Foot H. Sew the side seams and you are finished.

The vinyl flowers can be precut using an electronic cutter if available.

Click to download and print full instructions.
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