INSPIRA® Tear-A-Way Light Stabilizer

INSPIRA® Tear-A-Way Light is a great backing for light to medium weight stable woven fabrics. It is ideal for use with designs with low density and stitch count, such as outline designs or redwork. The light, crisp nature of this stabilizer makes it very easy to remove and ensures that the stitches will not be distorted when the stabilizer is pulled away. Multiple layers of INSPIRA® Tear-Away Light stabilizer can be used for slightly more dense designs.


Sizes available:
Tear-A-Way Light, 20” x 25 yards (620112996)
Tear-A-Way Light, 20” x 10 yards (620112896)
Tear-A-Way Light, 12” x 25 yards (620112796)
Tear-A-Way Light, 8” x 25 yards (620112696)

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