Making history since 1689.

Like all projects big and small, the need for change inspired our beginning. In 1689 a royal arms factory was born in Huskvarna, Sweden. Almost two centuries later, facing declining demand for firearms, the artisans of the factory were inspired to make a more peaceful product—sewing machines. Today, Husqvarna Viking is a worldwide organization that passionately designs high-quality sewing machines in Sweden and shares them with consumers across the globe.

The next gem from HUSQVARNA VIKING™

Now you know our story–how it all began and the tremendous developments we’ve made in sewing and embroidery. But did you know that many of those new-to-the-world inventions came not only straight from Sweden, but also from passionate HUSQVARNA® VIKING® owners just like you! We are proud of our heritage. It inspires us every day. And we are especially proud that you, our loyal sewing enthusiasts, have been a vital part of our history and our future.

Now is the time for you to give us your thoughts on the future. What's your vision? What would your perfect sewing and embroidery machine look like? What would it do? Or not do? Share your dreams and they just might come true!