Butterfly Pillow

  • McGrath Foundation - Butterfly Pillow

    On the 14th October 2017, Blessington proudly announced the beginning of our association with the McGrath Foundation! 

    What is the McGrath Foundation? 
    The McGrath Foundation aims to make life that little bit easier for individuals and families experiencing breast cancer.They raise money to place specialist McGrath Breast Care Nurses wherever they’re needed, and make breast health understanding a priority. 

    How Can I help? 
    Any purchase from our brands, will assist Blessington to donate $100,000 to the McGrath Foundation to help provide McGrath Breast Care Nurses across Australia.

    Husqvarna Viking Products in Australia will have a McGrath Foundation Sticker placed onto the box to show support. 

    Butterfly Pillow by Paula Storm

    This cushion gives pain relief and protection from accidental bumps, with the butterfly design making the perfect shape. These cushions can also be placed between the breast and a seatbelt strap or cuddled to the chest for comfort or again protection from bumps.

    Butterfly Pillow Project