Cutwork Finesse

Collection #: 202
Item #: 413152201

This amazing collection of twenty cutwork designs is perfect customize and edit on screen in the Designer editing or in 5D™ Embroidery Software to create unlimited cutwork embroidery borders, edgings, insertions, and more. The quality Husqvarna Viking Cutwork design technique means each step of the embroidery is digitized so the embroidery will stop to cut the openings then stitch the satin edge finish so there are no rough edges or “pokies” in HUSQVARNA VIKING cutwork! Included is the complete sewing instructions for her beautiful Cutwork Shell Blouse.


Hoop size 150 x 150 mm / 6" x 6"
DESIGNER™ Splendid Square Hoop 120 x 120 mm / 4.7" x 4.7"
Hoop size 100 x 100 mm / 4" x 4"
DESIGNER™ Crown Hoop 260 x 200 mm / 10.2 " x 7.9"
DESIGNER™ Royal Hoop 360 x 200 mm / 14.2 " x 7.9"

Compatible Hoop Sizes

150 mm x 150 mm 

120 mm x 120 mm 

100 mm x 100 mm 

260 mm x 200 mm 

360 mm x 200 mm

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