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Inspiration - Sew News Capsule Studio: Athleisure

In this Sew News Capsule Studio: Athleisure, sponsored by HUSQVARNA® VIKING®, you’ll find six patterns that will get you excited about that early morning walk, running those errands or simply lounging (or sewing!) at home.   December 1, 2020

Inspiration - Sew News Capsule Studio: Plush

HUSQVARNA® VIKING® is proud to sponsor Sew News' Capsule Studio Collection - Plush. These capsule collections are a great way to draw inspiration for your next creation.  December 1, 2020

Inspiration - Sew News Capsule Studio: Well Traveled

HUSQVARNA® VIKING® is proud to sponsor the Sew News' Capsule Studio Collection - Well Traveled, a collection of six dynamic patterns designed to mix and match seamlessly, but they'll also work with wardrobe items you already have. December 3, 2020

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