Door Wreath with Felting

Make a beautiful door wreath as a warm welcome to your guests. By using felted flowers in your wreath, you will have a holiday decoration that will last for years to come.

You will need:

Start by making the felted flowers for the wreath. Follow the instructions that comes with the Felting Embroidery Set to embroider the free standing flowers and leaves.

We have embroidered the following designs from the Felted Nature embroidery collection (#279):
12 flowers of design #3
6 of design #7
1 of design #8
2 of design #10
3 of design #11

Use INSPIRA® Aqua Magic stabilizer in your hoop.

Once the flowers and leaves are embroidered, cut away the excess roving and stabilizer.

Shape the flowers
Dip the flowers and leaves in lukewarm water and then shape them while they are still wet. Do not let them stay in the water for too long; it will make it more difficult to shape them.

Leave the flowers to dry.

Assemble the Wreath
Once the flowers have dried, attach them to the wreath using a glue gun. Add pearls and crystals to the flowers and wreath to make it sparkle!

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