Easy to sew Easter decor!

Posted by Lena Kantis
I wanted to make some new fun decorations for the Easter. I came up with the idea to sew carrots! 

Here are the quick easy steps to sew them!

1. Print out the template. It is found here. It does contain a flag template as well if you wish to sew carrots as appliqu├ęs on the flags!

2. Sew some dots on the carrot pieces, use the Sewing Advisor to select, Sew on Button. Use a thread color slightly darker than your fabric. 

3. Sew around the drawn shape using a straight stitch. Cut around the shape leaving 1/4" (6mm).


3. Cut 4 or 5 pieces 2" (4-5cm) long pieces of the green ribbons. They do not need to have the exact same length.


4. Sew a few stitches on the ribbons pieces to keep them together use a straight stitch.


5. Fill the Carrot with fiber fill.

6. Fold the top of the carrot 1/2" (1cm) to the wrong side of the carrot. Use a hand needle to close the opening.


This is a very quick sewing project so you can make a few to create a bunch of carrots!

When I was going to take the picture to share my sewn carrots I went out to our storage room that is filled with sewing samples and I found the Bunny ( with a carrot in her  hand!). If you want to sew and embroider the bunny you can find the embroidery design collection #172 " Be my Bunny" at myembroideries.com.
Please find the instruction here for the cute bunny. It is almost as quick as the carrots!


I wish you all enjoy a Happy Easter!

Happy Sewing!

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