Vintage Shirt Dress Embroidery

Posted by The Tall Mama
I made this shirt dress awhile back from a vintage Oscar de la Renta pattern.  I loved the pattern, but my choice of plain blue shirting was a bit….well, blah.  As a result, I didn’t wear this dress very much.
When I started using the Designer Jade 35 I naturally wanted to embroider everythingWho wouldn’t?!  And because I wanted to embroider everything right now, I started to look at garments I already had in my wardrobe.  This dress was the ideal candidate, as it really needed something extra to make it special.
Now, I think it is much easier and wiser to apply your machine embroidery before you make a garment.  Despite my enthusiasm and inexperience, I think it turned out really well!  I used one of the many beautiful designs that comes with the Designer Jade 35.  As luck would have it, it was the perfect size to repeat around the bottom of my dress.  I also added a little embroidery in the same colour to the waist tie.  Although I used a different embroidery design, by using the same thread colour it ties in with the rest of the embroidery.  I know it’s not perfect, I have lots to learn, but for my first large scale embroidery project I am so happy with it.  I love how it has taken this dress from blah to beautiful!
I definitely plan on adding embroidery to another dress, perhaps around the waist as well as at the hem...the possibilities are endless and all very exciting!!  I love how simple the Designer Jade 35 makes it to create truly unique wardrobe!
Happy Sewing!
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