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Posted by Blythe Tait
2018 has been the year when I have tried more new patterns than any other year, by far.  I had a quick look, and I have tried well over 50 new patterns this year, and that’s just in knit fabric.  Some patterns were great successes for me and have gone into my regular rotation, but others, I will never sew as shown in the pattern again.  I think it is a rare thing to find a pattern which is an instant winner for an individual body type. However, that does not mean they aren’t useful.  Here are some ways I categorise my patterns:
1. UNICORNS - These are the rare, perfect-straight-out-of-the-box patterns. see my previous blog post. 
2.Patterns which are PARTLY PERFECT - Sometimes, you find a pattern which has a design feature you really like; it might be an unusual neckline or a fancy back, but maybe you don’t want to use the rest of the pattern. More and more, I find myself ‘frankenmashing’ patterns, or taking an element of one and combining it with elements of other patterns.Halla’s kimono dress is an example of this.I loved the bodice and had not seen that in any other pattern, but I did not want a handkerchief-style skirt.I combined it with a maxi skirt and made one of my favourite-ever maxi dresses.Fabric from
3. Patterns which teach you a new technique. - I hadn’t done many V necks, and George and Ginger’s Rebel tee was perfect for teaching me a new method for a deep V neck.I took that V-neck method and applied it on this bell sleeve top, which was a mash of a whole heap of patterns.
Fabric from
4. Patterns which are easily modified. As soon as I saw Pattern Emporium’s Symphony skirt, I knew I had to have it because it could be so easily hacked into my favourite ever maxi skirt. I left the seams partly unsewn to give me a skirt with slits.I blogged a tutorial for this on my site brushed poly fabric from
5. Patterns which are easily mixed and matched - I simply adore the pattern companies which allow you to mix and match their patterns.Jalie is one of my favourites for this.The consistency of their drafting means that I can easily mix and match.I took Jalie’s 3349 leotard and combined it with the neckline of Jalie 2805 to make this bodysuit, which I love.

Fabric from
Pattern Emporium is another company I am loving which does a lot of mixing and matching within their patterns.

So, there you have it.Don’t fret if a pattern doesn’t instantly work for you- with a little bit of tweaking, it may still be worth a place in your collection.

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