Adjustable Bias Binder Foot H4129850-45

Posted by Debbie Lomas
Bias binding is one of those techniques that you love….or you don’t. Bias binding is a technique that is not to be feared and by using your Adjustable Bias Binder Foot for your Husqvarna Viking machine, you will be binding everything.

What is bias binding and how is it made?

When you look at a piece of fabric, it has two finished edges, which are called the selvedge. The line parallel to this is called the straight grain of fabric. The line that runs perpendicular is called the cross grain of fabric. The line that runs at a 45° is the bias. The bias has the most amount of stretch in any woven fabric.
Bias binding is cut on the bias grain line, giving the maximum amount of stretch to the fabric. Bias tape can be purchased, or you can make your own. It can be single fold or double fold, with double fold being the most commonly used.
Bias binding is commonly used for binding seams, finishing raw edges and for making piping. Using bias along edges of quilts, placemats, bag straps or similar projects. It also used instead of facings around necklines, and armholes. It is generally quicker and easier to finish a project and can add different elements to your project with contrasting colours, patterns etc.

Sewing with the Bias Binder Foot

The Husqvarna Viking Bias Binder Foot makes sewing binding, quick and easy. There are two different models in the range.
The Adjustable Bias Binder, H4129850-45, fits bias tape in different widths of 6mm (¼”) to 20mm (¾”). Picture 1.  The screw on the right side of the bracket adjusts the width of the opening to fit the bias tape. The advantage of this is it allows you to make your own bias of varying widths to compliment you project.
The 6mm (¼”) Bias Binder, H4129895-45, is perfect to bind edges with 6mm (1/4”) bias tape. Picture 2.
Regardless of which Bias Foot you use, the method that you use them is still the same.

1.     If using Adjustable bias binder, use the screw on the right side of the bracket to adjust the width of the opening to fit the bias tape.
2.     Cut the end of the bias tape to a point. Insert the bias tape from the outside of the funnel guide, into the slot and pull it down under the foot.
3.     Place the edge to be bound into the groove on the left side of the funnel guide.
4.     Loosen the screw on the top, in the back of the foot and position the funnel guide as needed.
5.     Select a narrow zig zag, a straight stitch or decorative stitch. Sew slowly, keeping the fabric to eb bound snugly in the groove as you sew.
TECHNIQUE TIP: When sewing the bias binding, try using a forward motion decorative stitch. The width of the stitch covers more surface area across the width of your bias tape so your stitching doesn’t have to be perfect! Little movements of your bias tape on your garment is less noticeable and
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