Life's Too Short... To let the pretty dress hang in the closet

Posted by Christine Keevers
From the moment we are born, we are conditioned to think a certain way. To believe that things should be done simply because that's the way they have always been done. That we must conform to what we have always known.
  • Don't eat pizza for breakfast
  • Watching trashy TV will rot your brain
  • Pink is for girls; blue is for biys
  • Don't eat 2-minute noodles with your fingers
  • Only wear the prettty dresses on sunday
The way we dress, the way we present ourselves, has always been so contingent on the events we are attending. For many years the term “Sunday Best” has been a constant, niggling reminder that our best should be kept aside for only the most important of occasions. Is anyone else like me and remembers having a plethora of beautiful, frilly, twirly dresses in their wardrobe? They were absolutely beautiful, but I was never allowed to wear them, except for special occasions. I know that, for many people of my generation, this was the norm. As such, once we have grown and cultivated a wardrobe of our own, we find ourselves staring at a vibrant row of pretty dresses but having nothing to wear, restricted by the confined thinking habits of times gone by.

Well I am here to break out of that mould and change the way we view ourselves and our wardrobes. Before sewing for myself, I found that I was seriously restricted in the clothes I could buy, because of both size availability and the cost of the garments themselves. This led to a downturn in self-esteem, thinking it wasn’t worth the effort of looking nice, that it was too hard to find clothes to flatter me. I have found myself, however, in the majority. A whole host of people yearning for something more. Since starting to sew, and recognizing the unique freedom it offers, I have come to the realisation that we, seamsters as a whole, can smash this archaic way of thinking and create a new normal for ourselves.


From cutting the fabric to sewing the last hem, we are building a revolution, creating for ourselves a ‘Sunday-Best’ wardrobe that will be worn all week, past culture be damned, bringing colour, fancy and prettiness to our smiles and our hearts. Making ourselves feel we are important, building and empowering ourselves to face the world proudly and fabulously. This is paramount, especially in the current social climate which is looking a little bit bleak. So whether you are doing a school run or grocery shopping or even just having a zoom catch up with a loved one, put on your ‘Sunday Best’ regardless of what day it is.
You are beautiful and you deserve to feel it.

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