HUSKYLOCK™ Clear Coverstitch Foot

Item #: 620096896
With the Clear Coverstitch foot, you can see your fabric and
marked line under the foot as you sew.

Other information

1. Set the machine for a Coverstitch or a Chainstitch.
2. With a water soluble marker, draw a line on the fabric to mark the stitching line.
3. Snap on the Clear Coverstitch foot.
4. U se default stitch settings. Adjust if needed.
5. Place the fabric under the presser foot and the needles. Start to sew into the fabric without
chaining off first.
6. Use the red center marking on the foot as a guide as you follow a line drawn on the fabric.
The Clear Coverstitch foot will give you a great view of the marked line and of your fabric
while sewing.

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