Back again blogging for you!

Indsendt af Lena Kantis

If you followed my blog beforehand you probably know that my husband’s job took him to China and my daughter and I went with him for the past year. Carina, a fellow product specialist here in Sweden, was gracious enough to take over for me and hopefully delighted you with her amazing talents, especially all of the amazing dresses she creates.

I am now back and Carina has been given the exciting task of starting a blog for another brand in our corporate family – PFAFF®. 

I truly hope that we can start off right where we all left off and perhaps I can start by sharing some of my sewing adventures from China. I most certainly learned a lot about culture, people, and food ---- but also about sewing and new fabrics and creating beauty.

I’m so happy to be back and look forward to spending time with you all! 

Check back soon for my first post!

Happy sewing!

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