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There is an Heirloom technique called “Roll and Whip” which is made with a delicate zig-zag that joins the laces, edgings and fabric together. As you sew the thread wraps around the edges and brings it into a little rolled seam. The ideal stitch for Roll and Whip is a fully adjustable zigzag where you can adjust the zig zag stitch to fit the actual project.

This zip-file contains stitches for the "Roll and Whip" technique. Download and save to your computer. 

Roll and Whip stitch download

Latest machine update

Update Release-36 (August 9, 2016)

Upgrades and improvements in update:

  • Improved the hoop detection problems for the 100x100M metal hoop.
  • Improvements have been made regarding the calibration for the cut fetcher.

Download update release-36 (zip-file)

Return to this page on your Mac or PC to download the update. Email yourself a link to this download page.